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TransMed Network™ (TransMed) is a worldwide network of health care providers. Members both contribute and have access to TransMed’s constantly updating database, expanding provider knowledge and improving patient care. Client Software is TransMed’s state-of-the-art medical office management software suite. This system, designed by healthcare providers for health care providers, is capable of managing all aspects of a medical provider’s office including integration with affiliated medical institutions. TransMed is fully compliant with HIPAA confidentiality requirements and functions independently of insurance systems or institutions.

TransMed Network™ is structurally segregated into the Client Software, the Network a.k.a and the Institutional Interfaces. TransMed Network™ is a statistics-based system. Users of the system are defined as Member-Providers.

Client Software (CS) is provided to all Member-Providers. It includes services ranging from an extraordinary medical office management software suite, to an outstanding electronic health record (EHR) system -- streamlining the functionality of the medical office and physician. The CS, in combination with, creates a unique centralized EHR, for each patient, that Member-Providers privileged by patients can access, view and update. continuously gathers data from networked Member-Providers and designs diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms based on statistical patterns and behaviors. These statistics-based treatment guidelines will enhance the quality of care rendered by the Member-Providers. In this process, patient identification is fully protected.

The Institutional Interfaces are computerized HL7 compliant interfaces that allow data exchange between affiliated medical institutions and the TransMed Network™.